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case study


Old HVAC equipment that needed replacing

A sustained period of leaks in this large popular restaurant had now started to affect trade and our team was engaged to provide a solution.

An electronic roof test highlighted several areas of major concern and subsequent patch repairs were no longer a sustainable repair method. A full roof survey included core sampling, drainage falls, upstands, parapet walls, existing HVAC penetrations and the flow capacity of gutter systems. Our recommendation was to retain the roof timber deck and apply a new reinforced roof covering with a 20-year warranty.

We had agreed on a 5-day close-down programme of works to complete the below specification of works fully.


Our directly employed HVAC team accessed the roof. It carried out the decommissioning of Air Handling Units, Air Conditioning Condensers, Extraction Fans and all associated pipework, cable tray containment and electrical controls. The HVAC equipment was removed from the roof area to allow for our Roofing teams to complete their element.

A full roof clean-down was first carried out, with a new PVC primer laid.  Our team applied a new reinforced Ultra basecoat with premium Reemat and an installed new Ultra topcoat.

Our HVAC team went to work installing new containment before reinstating the Air Conditioning Units, and the Ventilation Systems including ductwork and the installation of a new energy-efficient MUB fan supplying the kitchen.

As part of our work and during the kitchen closure, we refreshed the kitchen area including the water-damaged replacement of the subfloor and Altro Vinyl Flooring. These works involved all disconnections and reinstatement of kitchen appliances including sinks by our team.

All works delivered within the 5-day programme on time and within budget.

New HVAC equipment fitted and roof sealed
Old HVAC equipment in need of replacing
Old HVAC equipment in need of replacing
Old HVAC equipment in need of replacing
An image of some newly fitted HVAC units and a newly sealed roof
An image of some roof-mounted HVAC ducting
New HVAC equipment fitted and roof sealed
New HVAC equipment fitted and roof sealed