Feed back / Feed forward

18 Feb Feed back / Feed forward

When people take the time to e-mail with positive feedback it reflects well on all of us, not just the engineers involved. Our Operations and back office team keeping everything running, other engineers supporting with advice if needed and the simple fact that every time someone sees one of our vans out and about they will register that the brand stands for quality and high standards.

On this occasion it was a Mechanical job but could just as easily been Fabric, Electric, HVAC, Drainage or someone from the office team – every interaction with a client (or potential client) re-enforces our brand.

Kirk’s team were working at a school and we received the following:

“Having visited the site following the completion of the plan B heating project, I would like to say a massive thanks to all involved for a fantastic job done. Site left very clean and tidy, LST rads in corridor very neatly fitted around the existing tile skirting, suspended ceilings in class rooms left in perfect condition and all making good better than expected. The biggest and nicest surprise was to walk around the corner into the corridor and be hit by a very comfortable wall of heat!!! The class room temps are also great and nice and warm in the mornings before the classes arrive. A complete success, thank you”

Always be the best you can be and never forget that we are all proud to be #BuildingaFutureWithYou