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Heating, Ventilation,
and Cooling (HVAC)

HVAC services with precision and reliability, transforming your workplace for peak performance.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer working on an external air-conditioning unit

At Sherwoods, we know that high-performing HVAC systems are the backbone of your facility. Responsible for all heating, mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning or cooling systems inside your premises, an HVAC system failure can have uncomfortable, expensive, and even harmful consequences for your business.

With a focus on precision and quality, our in-house team of skilled engineers and technicians bring years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge for the installation, maintenance, repair, and servicing of your commercial HVAC systems, keeping them up and running with optimal efficiency to cope with seasonal challenges–and your demands.


We minimise heating downtime and bring expertise that guarantees comfort in the smallest, largest, or coldest spaces.

Our teams specialise in all commercial natural gas, LPG, electric, and oil-fired central heating system sand warm air heating systems. We also have specialist engineers for any associated ancillary systems and equipment, including boilers, radiators, system pipework, fans, ducting, and electrical control systems.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer working on an internal air-conditioning unit


An image of some roof-mounted HVAC ducting

Our complete mechanical ventilation services ensure a healthy and productive environment with a clean, fresh air supply.

With a custom ventilation system designed specifically for your building to improve indoor air quality, our team can enhance the well-being of you and your employees. From maximising natural airflow to air handling units (AHUs) for high-efficiency air regulation and circulation or specialist ducting for optimal air supply and extraction, alongside any associated extraction, ducting, and control systems


The expertise you need for energy-efficient and sustainable cooling and air-conditioning throughout your business.

Avoiding air-conditioning downtime can be a priority. Alongside our PPM options, we’re ready with a rapid response for immediate repairs to minimise disruption on all split wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, and floor-standing systems. This includes, but isn’t limited to VRV heat recovery, heat pumps, hybrid systems, water chillers, and heat exchange units.

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An image of some newly fitted HVAC units and a newly sealed roof