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Fire Protection

Proactive fire protection to ensure your health and safety while safeguarding your assets.

Protecting the health and safety of your employees and your business premises against fire and its effects should be a non-negotiable issue. Alongside your legal responsibilities, you can effectively manage fire safety and prevention with proactive fire protection across your business.

As part of our facilities maintenance services, Sherwoods provides certified fire protection installations and maintenance that meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Our certified fire protection services will reduce risk and ensure compliance for a safer environment.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer fitting a smoke seal

Fire door set installations and maintenance

An image of a Sherwoods engineer fixing the hinge on a fire door

Working to strict standards, official datasheets, and manufacturer’s specifications, we carry out complete fire door set installations, ensuring each is compliant and safe. And our fire door set maintenance includes repairing or replacing specified door closers, hinges, and handles, so each fire door will maintain its integrity during a fire.

Fire stopping

Our fire-stopping measures can be vital to any passive fireproofing requirements set out in an independent Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). Filling and sealing openings and joints will give the appropriate fire rate resistance to slow or stop the spread of fire within your premises. Fire-stopping can also be part of your planned preventative maintenance.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer filling gaps in walls as part of fire safety maintenance

Fire alarms and emergency lighting

An image of a Sherwoods engineer carrying a ladder to fix a fire exit light

Our fire protection services extend to all fire alarm and emergency lighting installations and maintenance. We can ensure your premises are fitted with the right system for the building alongside complete system installation with regular testing and maintenance.

And to help keep your exit routes safe and illuminated, our in-house electrical team can complete emergency lighting installation and maintenance to ensure it’s fully operational, keeping your employees safe and your building compliant in an emergency.

Fire risk assessments

While our fire protection services are wide-ranging, Sherwoods doesn’t undertake any Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs). To avoid any conflict of interest, we can recommend one of our FRA-accredited partners who can fully assess your building and identify any risk areas. This way, you receive a fully independent FRA, and our team can carry out necessary installations or maintenance for any identified risks

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An image of a smoke alarm and some fire evacuation plans