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Electrical & Controls

Complete electrical infrastructure, installation, and maintenance for your building.

Using a combination of experience and in-depth electrical knowledge, our qualified in-house engineers and technicians have the specialist expertise needed for all installation, maintenance, repair, and servicing of your systems. Plus, we work with smart tech across multiple Building Management System (BMS) platforms that can accurately predict what maintenance is needed–and when.

While much electrical and BMS maintenance goes hand in hand, we aim to prevent costly electrical-based interruptions to your business. By making sure they don’t happen in the first place, our electrical maintenance services will keep your building running optimally with reduced costs and improved performance

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Electrical installations and maintenance

An image of a Sherwoods engineer working in an electrical cabinet

With electricity often keeping your internal and ancillary systems working, a robust electrical system plays a critical role in the functionality and safety of your building and everyone inside it.

With a range of services available, our qualified electrical team can take care of issues from minor, one-off repairs, lighting, PAT testing, and fixed wire system testing to larger commercial or industrial installations and maintenance, working to all current compliance and safety regulations.

Smart predictive maintenance

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for essential internal systems is fast-evolving. Sherwoods is evolving alongside this industry-changing innovation to provide predictive maintenance that will keep your power, HVAC, security, fire prevention, and other systems running for seamless operational efficiency and availability with minimal downtime.

While planned maintenance is still vital for many systems, our electrical team work alongside multiple Building Management System (BMS) providers using both skill sets and cutting-edge technology for predictive maintenance to analyse BMS and asset performance.

Alongside other proactive and intelligent maintenance scheduling, wireless sensor technology means our predictive maintenance is based on machine learning and real-time data analysis for early fault identification and essential repairs before things go wrong.

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