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As a leading facilities maintenance company serving customers across the UK’s southwest region, our numerous accreditations and certifications are at the heart of our commitment to excellence in every area.

These combined recognitions are approval of our dedication to best practices, regulatory compliance, quality service delivery, and an obligation to work in accordance with the highest standards. While each is evidence of our focus on providing our customers with the service they deserve, they’re backed by the credibility and assurance of trusted industry bodies.

Find out more about our accreditations and certifications and what they mean to you.

Facilitiesline – Gold Member

Facilitiesline is a dedicated FM supply chain compliance partner. They monitor and manage the supply chain compliance, quality, and health and safety credentials of multiple businesses across many areas. As a gold member, we can showcase our capabilities to other companies and choose vetted supply chain partners so we’re always compliant.

Constructionline – Gold Member

Contstructionline is a register that connects buyers and suppliers and gives them access to various project opportunities without needing a tendering process. Being a gold member means we meet the Common Assessment Standard and qualify as a chosen supplier to some of the biggest names in the construction industry looking for FM services.

Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) – Accredited

The Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation is the recognised scheme for all health and safety standards within the construction industry. As an industry standard, SSIP accreditation proves Sherwoods meets the health and safety standards and criteria for FM services.

Alcumus SafeContractor – accredited

Alcumus SafeContractor is the UK’s largest health and safety accreditation scheme that also coversequal opportunities, the environment, sustainability, and ethical behaviour. Being a member of theSafeContractor scheme means customers and contractors have the confidence they need in us tomeet their required standards.

QMS ISO 9001 – Certified

ISO 9001 is the standard for Quality Management, and certification assures our customers and contractors they’ll receive consistent, quality services as we consistently improve our systems and procedures.

QMS ISO 14001 – Certified

Similarly, ISO 14001 is an Environmental management system that helps us measure and improve our environmental impact and best practices.

FIRAS – Certified

While FIRAS is a voluntary, third-party scheme, it’s a certification that allows us to be an installationcontractor of both passive and active fire protection systems in commercial and industrial buildings. Itguarantees any products or systems we install meet the level of fire protection needed.

NICEIC – Certified

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is the UK’s leadingcertification body for the electrical contracting industry. As electrical work is a large part of our serviceoffering, NICEIC certification ensures every customer that their installation is high-quality, safe, andcompliant, meeting the required standards and regulations for complete peace of mind.

Gas Safe – Registered

The Gas Safe register is the official list of registered gas engineers in the UK. By law, any gasengineer legally qualified to install or maintain gas systems, pipework, and appliances must be on theGas Safe Register. All 18 of Sherwoods’ gas engineers are Gas Safe registered.

REFCOM – Accredited

Refcom is the UK’s largest register of F-GAS (fluorinated gas)-certified engineers. F-Gases aregreenhouse gases commonly found in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump units. Being REFCOM registered, Sherwoods’ engineers are qualified to handle these harmful gases.

OFTEC – Accredited

OFTEC is the trade organisation for the heating and cooking industries across the UK and ROI. Registration allows our qualified engineers to install and maintain oil or liquid-fuel-based storage, equipment, or systems and guarantees that all work is compliant and follows all relevant regulations,

WRAS – Certified

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is an independent UK certification body forplumbing products and materials. While our plumbing installation and maintenance services andsupplies all conform to the relevant regulations, WRAS approval gives customers and contractorsconfidence in knowing we’re fully compliant.